Profiliad is made up of super amazing, energetic and professionally trained team of experts dedicated to ensuring both our publishers and advertisers achieve their goals.

  • Hina Mittal Nayar, Co-Founder & CEO

    Hina Mittal Nayar Co-Founder & CEO

    Hina has an extensive work experience of around 11 years in the Digital Marketing industry with Affiliate Marketing as the expertise. By academics, she is an engineer in Information Systems, though she chose her career in Digital Marketing. She is passionate about the new venture ProfiliAd Media. She aims to make this network an Efficient Performance Marketing Network that Advertisers & Publishers can trust. Her objective is to minimize the persistent challenges in the Affiliate marketing industry by introducing some new innovate techniques.

    She has diverse experience of handling both sides of the affiliate marketing business in established and start-up Affiliate Networks like DGM India, Pointific Digital & Admitad. She has established business relationships & strategic partnerships with industry leading Publishers and Advertisers. Possesses strong leadership and people management skills. Highly experienced in affiliate marketing & Advertiser/Publisher management with an ability to work in competitive digital markets with strong hold of web & mobile campaigns on performance model.

    Professionalism and Sincerity have been the major characteristics in her career.

  • Sumit Nayar, Co-Founder & MD

    Sumit Nayar Co-Founder & MD

    A successful entrepreneur, Sumit has been co-founder in several ventures in his career. His previous venture offered Market Research solutions to diversified industries including Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Energy, Automotive, Real Estate, Advertising & Communications industries. With over a decade and a half of experience, Sumit has had a successful career spanning across the ITES and service industry holding key strategic positions with various multinational companies. Sumit’s expertise lies in strategic planning, process designing, client servicing and corporate communications.

  • Marco Cotumaccio, Co-Founder & Director

    Marco Cotumaccio Co-Founder & Director

    Marco’s background in Architecture is a guiding hand in forging a methodical approach in all aspects of the business.

    An analytical professional, Marco is a key statistician within the company, working closely with our teams to ensure clarity and transparency are accomplished at every stage. Marco is also a learned expert in the legal field, overseeing this intrinsic aspect of our business operations.

    When not crunching numbers, Marco is a fan of the outdoors. Whether it’s sailing, motor biking or photographing the world, these passions and activities keep his mind free but focused, a balance much akin to his fair and practical manner.

  • Marino Gualano, Co-Founder & Partner

    Marino Gualano Co-Founder & Partner

    A skilled sales and managerial professional, Marino delivers strategies aimed at driving growth and development of our teams and business operations. He ensures delegated processes foster and maintain fruitful relationships with our global clients; experiences garnered from the immersive dedication spent building the business to its success today.

    Always seeking out the zest of life, he is a firm believer in positive mental attitude. Fusing his belief with his curious mind, Marino finds passion in everything he does beyond the company environment. Thinking big and willingly adopting change, his approach to doing things is an uplifting lesson we exercise on a regular basis.

  • Mathew Mathai George, Co-Founder & Director

    Mathew Mathai George Co-Founder & Director

    Mathai has an extensive work experience of around 17 years in the field of IT/ITES industry across many domains. Basically an Electronics engineer, started his career as a Programmer and then moved to managerial and entrepreneur level. Project and financial Management is his core area of expertise. He successfully headed few MNC’s before he co-founded Infospica the sole Technical partner to ProfiliAd. Infospica works closely with ProfiliAd to make sure the project is optimized to make the best impact on business growth and provides us a platform to build new relationships and create more opportunities. He is confident about the new venture ProfiliAd Media and aims to make ProfiliAd the most cost effective and technically advanced affiliate network through this partnership

  • Krishnakumar V.M, CTO & Partner

    Krishnakumar V.M CTO & Partner

    With 17 years of strong record of success in leading, managing and delivering top tier innovative technology to align and achieve organization needs and goals Krishna currently heads operations at Infospica. A CET engineering graduate, his knowledge of the subject has helped him helm and successfully steer a team of professionals on various platforms taking into consideration the project requirements that are specific to each case. He is exhilarated about his new role as CTO in ProfiliAd Media and works closely with ProfiliAd to make sure the services and solutions is optimized to make the most impact on your business growth and allows us to build new relationships and create more opportunities.