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Our major goal at Profiliad is to become the digital marketing partners of our advertisers, provide them the needed consultancy, and of course generate incremental value for their businesses, while ensuring our publishers have the best tools and services they need to monetize their inventory. Our network offers customized solutions, comprehensive reporting suites to facilitate advertiser and publisher collaboration. We are glad to announce our partnership with MainAd, the Digital Marketing experts specializing in display & retargeting, based in Pescara, Italy. We believe this partnership will guarantee an international, innovative and ethical approach to performance marketing. Read More

why Profiliad?

Profiliad is not your regular affiliate marketing platform; we have professionally trained staff members that treat you like one of us. We see you as a partner and work together to give you guaranteed results. Read More

Some of the benefits working with us include:

  • Our Extensive Experience

  • Strong Dedicated Team

  • Performance Marketing

  • Lead Generation

  • Branding with Results

  • App Installation with Quality

  • Monetization

  • Optimise your Reach

  • Strong Technology

  • Unmatched Customer Service

If you are looking for a performance marketing network that has your best interest at heart, you are in the right place. Our service, ethics, technology, experience, performance, and customer service is unmatched in the industry. With Profiliad, achieving your marketing goals has never been easier.

what we offer

ProfiliAd specializes in delivering performance across web & mobile verticals. The performance marketing industry is dynamic and we actively encourage our team to be adaptive to the changing environment. Read More


ProfiliAd understands clients’ requirements through web promotion in terms of monetizing website traffic, driving sales or finding more customers. ProfiliAd offers a suite of customized solutions to deliver performance on web.
  • Cost per Action - CPA
  • Cost per Lead - CPL
  • Cost per Click / Visit- CPC/CPV


Mobile Marketing is an integral part of ProfiliAd. ProfiliAd works with a healthy mix of publishers of both innovators & creators in mobile marketing with strategies for mobile display and mobile remarketing.
  • Cost per install - CPI
  • Cost per action - CPA


ProfiliAd envisions the establishment and expansion as an Efficient Performance Marketing Network in the digital space not only to help Advertisers achieve quality and meet their dynamic conversion requirements but also to help Publishers grow two fold with professional optimization approach with unmatched customer support & professional consultancy. Read More


We understand that the best performance marketing programs flow from true partnerships, which allow us to think like our advertisers and deliver the results they want. We encourage and train our people to think creatively about their programs. We want to be an extension of the brand ideas and marketing strategies you create. Read More


We share a common belief at Profiliad that we are nothing without our publishers. Our account managers know the importance of a healthy publisher mix, which is why we recruit publishers of every kind; both innovators and creators. We see to it that your risk is our risk and your profit is our objective. Read More

our team

Profiliad is made up of super amazing, energetic and professionally trained team of experts dedicated to ensuring both our publishers and advertisers achieve their goals. Read More
Hina Mittal Nayar, Co-Founder & CEO

Hina Mittal Nayar

Co-Founder & CEO
Sumit Nayar, Co-Founder & MD

Sumit Nayar

Co-Founder & MD
Marco Cotumaccio, Co-Founder & Director

Marco Cotumaccio

Co-Founder & Director
Marino Gualano, Co-Founder & Partner

Marino Gualano

Co-Founder & Partner
Mathew Mathai George, Co-Founder & Director

Mathew Mathai George

Co-Founder & Director
Krishnakumar V.M, CTO & Partner

Krishnakumar V.M

CTO & Partner

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